The Wave, and Schrodinger's Dolphin

by Martin Richard

Schrodinger's Dolphin

Some say the dolphin does not exist

Until we see him

That when he wheels between the mountains

And the image of the moon

It is our minds which do the leaping

Not the dolphin.

Others scoff.

Did the dolphin not exist

Before the Greeks encircled their amphorae

With the image of his dance?

The dolphin does not need

And never needed us

To swim and prance and play.

But yes, but yes, they answer!

It is we who have the dolphin conjured

From our love and admiration!

Not so! Not so! Some others say!

The dolphin merely travels as a wave

Beneath them!

Contracting to particulars

When it pleases him to please us

And be seen!

They argue.

The dolphin smiles

He knows he swims all possible paths

A happy few of which we see

But yet he fills completely

The width and breadth and depth the Gulf

Of our Unknowing.