A Note From the Teacher's Desk

by Liz S.

Dear Parent of Kid, I've chosen your fate-
I think you'd better medicate,
Your child won't listen and can't sit still,
Which is why I think he needs a pill.
He won't do his dittos, he thinks school is a bore,
He wanders around the classroom, then saunters out the door,
So I think a pill is what he needs -
Just ask his doctor, I'll bet he agrees!
Other interventions? Our school budget went down,
So we can't keep a behavior specialist around,
There are too many students to put seatwork away
(Our classroom would be chaos if we had no-dittos day!)
And besides, the drug companies have medicine to sell,
So I think your child needs pills, then I think he will do well.
Sincerely, a teacher with your child's needs at heart,
So go and get some meds for him, it's time to do your part!