Hypothetico-Deductive Method, and Vegetarian

by A.E. Marie

Hypothetico-Deductive Method

My little sister and I
sat in the sun grazing
tiny fingers plucked the blades
of tough grass
It tasted like lettuce but slightly creamy
clovers were tart
making me salivate
Rolling in our chlorophyll snack under the
plum tree
halo of Crayola-green bugs
I’d convinced her to eat the yard with me
so we’d make milk
Ignorance the only flaw
I observed: that the milk in the fridge comes from cows
     and that cows eat grass
I hypothesized: then that grass makes cows make milk
I predicted: that if I eat grass I will, like a cow, make milk
I will experimentally test this hypothesis: by consuming
     copious amounts of grass
     and await my milk production.


Snapping crisply on our herbivore teeth
greenery release chemical scream
ooze from broken

A meal sprinkled with
herb blossoms-
miniscule dill.
Labial petals
phallic stamen
crushed between molar plates,
stimulate olfactory pleasure.
Our incisors puncture fruit bodies,
ovaries on our lips
sweetness stains our tongues
running down our hands.
And we spit her zygotes
into garbage bins, devoid of biology
infertile beds
denying the benefit of
trophic interactions.