Within the Realm of the Orion Nebula

by Ethan Mittel

I soar through the void
And into the Realm of Orion.
Enveloped in the columns of gas,
My hair flowing on cosmic winds.
I beheld the young in the heart
Shining forth into the shadows,
Their light reflecting off the gas
Revealing the star forge
In all its chromatic splendor
And the new stars in its form.
The fingers of fire, within the fog,
The forging gleam and aurora,
Their secrets flow unto me!

Behold, the proplyds!
Swirling in cocoons of ancient dust,
Alien Earths hath emerged,
Conjuring life for countless epochs.
Gravity ignites the flame,
A red dwarf bursts forth from the womb,
Bestow your strength
Unto these newborn worlds.
Mighty winds of the ancient stars
Create a bond amongst the myriad of lights
And hath whispered into their ears:
"The expanse of the universe
Lies before you, children of Orion!
I, the Wind, bestow unto you
The secrets of our past!"