Fragment of the Cosmos

By Svea Hernandez

Deep in space there is a little nothing
Deep in time you can find it crawling

Growing farther from everything that's near it
Growing dimmer to everything that's further

Submerge in space, moving on time
You will find a tiny rotating spiral
You can call it yours, I can call it mine

Zoom in, go ahead and do it
Watch the spiral grow before you slowly
Discover with your eyes its monumental brightness
Admire its unhidden beauty as it becomes unholy

Everything is swirling, all the matter orbits
At the center a mysterious and energetic creature
Stealing light and life and knowledge
Converting its destruction in just another feature

Now get a little closer

Forget about the center, about the phantom

Began to explore the spirals

Stop at one of these arms, you might find a sanctum

What do you see now at the edge of that one spiral?

Can you focus on that small ball burning?

In the darkness, can you see it shining?

Can you feel the forces turning?

Dancing around the distant creature

You can experience the strong force pulling

It is Sir Gravity sending its beacher

Your view consists of rocks, gas and a fire ball ruling

Fragment of the Cosmos

Zoom in one more time now,

And now focus on that tiny blue stain

Forget about the giant gas ball and its stormy vow

Is the blue dot what you expected? Will you send a complaint?

Let that pale blue dot take you in

Let it give you life and air

Let its gravity kiss you on the chin

Not in this solar system, No you won’t find a pair.

And now you are just one more object

Gravitationally bounded in that inhomogeneous planet

You become just another "human" or project

A prisoner on earth just like any other rock of granite

You make the blue stain your home

You call "my neighborhood" that rotating spiral

You fantasize that you have set up a throne

And then you realize, the universe might have become viral.

Hear in the distance something saying:

"You are deep in space, you are this little nothing,

you are deep in time, strangers find you crawling"