Tale of the fire rock

by Helena

Goodness it’s hot
said the igneous rock
I do wish there were something to do!
we sit in the heat
7000 degrees
there’s an entire world out there to view!

Then escape from our lava
said his magma pa
but beware of what you seek
The upper world I will let you ascend
you’ll find it to be quite different
I think you’ll be back within a week

Pow! Boom! and thunder shook the ground
red lava flowed down the slope
but our igneous friend shimmied to the mound
eager to meet his new crystallized isotopes

Hi! said the rock to the atoms widespread
What new things can we finally do?
Let’s play the half-life game, uranium said
I’ll hide my atoms, tallying is for you

I also want to play, yelled 14 carbon
but I don’t want to count too far
too bad, said U, we’re going for the long run
then they all brawled in the tar

My fun is denied
igneous sighed
how he missed the shifting metal
how much more exciting
molten rock that was bubbling
the magnetic currents that would never settle

The earth below crumbled
the rock screamed and rumbled
a violent upheaval snapped our rock below
who made it all stop?
it was his ol’ pop
the one he had left only an eon ago