by James Ph. Kotsybar


A scientist trusts in what has been proved
through repeated experimentation.
Assertions of faith will leave him unmoved
until they have achieved validation.
Religious beliefs often leave him cold
and skeptical of professed prophecies
based mostly on hearsay and tales twice-told,
not carefully tested hypotheses.
This doesn’t make him an atheist, though.
He’s more like an investigative sleuth
who seldom proclaims things he doesn’t know,
since he’s a stalwart apostle of truth.
He’ll all too gladly apply his method,
should God allow Himself to be tested.

FEARFUL SYMMETRY (from Songs Of Experiments)

Beyond notice, out of sight
in dimensions curled up tight,
shall only weakened gravity
suggest your supersymmetry?

Do you match, sine qua non,
boson to a fermion?
Will you ever edify
how the forces unify?

In what quanta, small or large
will we find your mass and charge?
In what membranes do you roam?
Which dimensions call you home?

In magnetic chambers narrow,
will you tell us of time’s arrow?
Have you broken, in the past?
How long do your components last?

Quarks from gluons will divide
when we make hadrons collide:
Will this show us where you hide
or leave us still unsatisfied?

Beyond notice, out of site
in dimensions curled up tight,
will only highest energy
reveal your supersymmetry?