Battling the Enemy

by Sharon Wood

You secretly invaded my territory
Your presence I could no longer ignore
You have been given a name with the power to destroy me
I try not to think of you
Badgering my mind
Shooting doubt and fear into my soul
The messages you send remind me you want to take control
But I am a fighter
I will keep you at bay with my own weapons
Knowledge-to accept the truth of what this battle is about
Strategies of building my strength
My fortress built by love and support from family and friends
Laughter-a healing balm to the wounds you inflicted
You took pleasure in my stumbling today
Self worth crushed, I retreated from the world
A rival like no other I have fought
I hurl angry insults-you don’t respond
The days you have the upper hand I beg for mercy but there is none
I battle you hours on end to exhaustion, laying down at night to replenish
An unfair advantage over me, never needing to rest
Surprise attacks await me at sun rise
I sometimes feel like a lonely soldier I so camp out with other comrades, sharing stories of combat
Am I going to be victorious?
Oh, Hell Yesss!!