Zombie Thanksgiving

by William Lowe

We await mother with anticipation
Dinnertime festooned with ghoulish animation
Father’s flesh flares a noble state of decay
Mirth does sister’s dangling eye convey
My funereal best is tastefully soiled
Exposed skull polished and oiled

Approving moans erupt from our chatter
As mom staggers in with a bountiful platter
In the center glistening and cooked to perfection
Surrounded by organs and visceral delectations
Triggering a torrent of salivary rain
Is a magnificent and marvelous brain

Gyri are basted with blood and booze
And dripping of succulent synaptic ooze
A surfeit of spices in the sulci of each lobe
Flavor the cortex of this glorious globe
This was not a brain of some poor dimwit
But of a scientist and Nobel laureate

Fantastic flavors from such a brain come
Especially when marinated in Puerto Rican rum
We imagine the knowledge within this gem
From the prefrontal cortex to the brainstem
Of research, theory and the scientific method
Of discovery and insights imbued in this head

Father starts to carve along the central sulcus
All attend his efforts with a fuss so raucous
We shout out our gustatory desires all
The frontal, parietal, cerebral, and occipital
The medulla oblongata and pons
Broca’s area in unison we moan

Stuffed with neurons and cells of glial
Tipsy on a neural transmitter cocktail
We bask in the knowledge of our dinner
Paying homage to this Nobel prize winner
Another Thanksgiving has come to pass
To this scientist we humbly raise a glass

Copyright 2011 by William Lowe