Woman to Woman

by Mag

There's a journey that faces our gender
to be walked with the passage of time.
An age reached in our own splendour.
One with no reason or rhyme.

Your ankles will swell (not through walking)
Your anger will be larger still.
And just when you ought to be talking,
a doctor says please take this pill.

Your loved ones say "Tell us what's wrong dear"
as half of your hair hits the floor.
But you're needing a shower about every hour.
Surely there isn't much more?

Seek advice from an expert, it's hopeful,
you'll need some support with your life.
Then a kind surgeon says "I can help you,
but you'll have to go under the knife."

The path that leads on can be gruelling.
It weakens much more than a few.
It will test to the end, and while duelling,
all sides of your nature shine through.

But fear not dear sister, in crisis.
Please relax and work hard to chill.
As a hot flush waves good-bye to Isis,
there is always the option to kill.