By Atom F.

Metaphorically, time is a stream
Flowing past us as we let off our steam
People are rocks clinging to the bottom
Stationary, time surges erode ‘em
Some lighter rocks swept away with the stream
Go back in time, then realize it’s a dream
Some rocks really travel
and it’s pretty groovy
These ‘Michael J. Rocks’ all part of a movie

A movie, like life, there’s tension abundant
Who’d want to watch it if there wasn’t?
As rocks we are gripping and tripping and slipping
Yet, in our minds eye we are mentally equipping
For logic of time shift that helps us to bind quick
To our detriment, rationale makes our mind thick
Like rocks: barricaded endurures of cultures
We harden ourselves to cerebral vultures

And we all try to fly as time flies by
Eventually, time, like a river, runs dry
But while it’s still flowing, the torrent exploding
Look to your past, to see where it’s going
For in past lies the present and in present lies future
Carefully, stitch them with the finest suture
Since collisions in time are like memories mockin’
But when time seems seamless the future is rockin’

So why mention time, what’s all this commotion?
Well, sometimes this stream can feel like an ocean
But that’s not the case, that’s an irreverent notion
As it is time, not us, that is truly in motion
Though our motion in time is quite an illusion
As time passes us we look back with confusion
Certain moments in time make quite a protrusion
But with comprehension comes breathtaking fusion
And with this realization, comes the dropping of jaws
As we grow to learn all our mistakes and our flaws
And while many think cause and effect are the laws
What’s often missed most is that effect causes cause~