My Body

by =8)-DX

As organisms we bend our minds to comprehend,
The function of our bodies and our brains,
Growth and youth and maturity -
Hands and feet and insecurity -
Respiration, dehydration and sensation -
My first orgasm, what elation.

Makes you sick to realise: man, boy, woman, child
Stuck in this brainy, bony meat-sack I call I.

Adolescents adventure out to discover themselves
Discover diseases, goose pimples and sneezes,
Challenge chicken pox, and hot and cold breezes,
Stroking the hairs, bare skin feelers,
With millions of nerve endings, sending -
A rush up my spine, an electrical line -
How much of that reaches the central cortex, wow?
Biological machines that dream of consciousness, how?

It used to be the right thing to ask the pope,
What today you can see in a microscope.
Informed by science you can see yourself:
Immense cell colonies, living, dying - just cope.

Thanks to school I no longer pray,
For God to make my body work the right way.
If I got a problem I want my doc right on the spot,
Hey doc, hit me with what you've got - it's hot.
One day I'll say thanks if I say break my legs,
For pain-killers and sterile pads and bandages,
For anaesthesia, scalpels and large fat nurses.
Or if another illness makes me less flirtatious:
For science-based medicine paid from all our purses,
For cancer research, vaccines or treatments for herpes.

If you're still young and still afraid:
Of how you were born and how you're made,
Remember this and all your fears will flee,
Science can explain our bodies and will make us free.