by Edward Strickson

We are a small insignificant dot of space,
Woven within a web of time that only moves forwards,
It never looks back,
But you can, and you do,
That speck in the vast macro nothingness of space,
That brief glimpse into reality through the most improbable self awareness,
Evolution really did a number on you,
Because you can see what is to come,
But what you forget is that you’re not alone,
There are over six billion of us floating around a seemingly limitless cobweb of mostly nothing,
The most beautiful you will ever or could ever observe,
From the sharp, defined curves on a singular blade of grass,
To the marvel of looking up into the night sky,
And knowing that out there, there are other planets orbiting other stars,
And somewhere out there, another race could be thinking the same thing,
However unlikely that is,
We are stardust,
We are life,
We are the universe,
We are beautiful