Between 2 Suns

by Gregory Pittman

The red sun is fading, sinking
but still I feel his pull.
He's very laid back, this red sun,
so easy-going.
It feels good under the red sun
I can do what I want, even though
I never seem to do it all
or some days even do enough.
And that's Ok with the red sun.
I try not to think about the yellow sun,
but I know he's coming.
My family's under the red sun
and it feels so good to be with the red sun.

Now the yellow sun he comes,
a bit annoying at first, but
he's very convincing, this yellow sun,
irresistible in a way.
It feels good under the yellow sun.
He's a busy sun, always something doing
something scheduled or unscheduled,
lots of chat, serious and non-serious,
sometimes silly.
The yellow sun he doesn't want me to have time
for the red sun, but I still find time to
sneak a memory or two (or more).
Is that the pull of the red I feel?
Yellow is bit of a task master, but
I have many friends under the yellow sun,
and it feels so good to be with the yellow sun.