Alternative Medicine

by Bruce Gorton

The heart beat rises and thumps
As the fiery tongue speech dumps
From politicians on their stumps
Or soft porn models over their humps
Against vaccination against mumps

Watch as measles and rubella rise
Like creationists who evolution despise
Herd immunity not seen by their eyes
Elitist is one who contradicts their lies
A claim in the face of evidence flies

It should splat on the windshield
Against critical thinking we all wield
But the ideas are unstilled just steeled
As cracks in the glass go unhealed
Yet another talk show host is revealed

And they speak pharma and conspiracy
Of government cover-up and lost privacy
They strip away thinking of its legitimacy
Buccaneer reason with intellectual piracy
And practice ideological necromancy

The same arguments arise with repetition
Bullshit there is no lack of competition
Demand strong enough to stave off attrition
Claim the universe as their commission
They claim to be subject to unfair opposition

Speak of what they don’t want you to know
Of the medicines that in your garden grow
Or the super-foods on some TV show
The peer review process is too slow
To catch every lie no matter how low

And each false study they will then tick
Point out the errors in tones frantic
It helps obscure the confidence trick
Fling enough mud and some will stick
As you sell water as cures to the public