All I'll ever need, and A reflection

by Joshua Preston

All I’ll ever need.
I am an ape on a rock falling through Space and Time,
finding time and place whilst expecting nothing
from the sunrise but light, warmth and a new day
for it's all I've ever needed.

A reflection.
This little blue dot! idle in an empty universe
where we may be the only of our kind,
where you and I, for all faults and sorrows,
are as unlikely as an unsetting sun
above eyes to gaze upon it.

All we know, all we have thought exists
under the tip of a pin to foreign eyes,
value never to be known but by us
and the specters we imagine to listen
when we call out into the night,
hearing no sound but heavy breathes
as we look up and wonder.

As we organize our thoughts,
the guiding hands of tomorrow,
forget not every dream, hope, fear,
the few memories that exist
in an empty universe,
the few memories that exist